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custom packaging dallas txFor our customers who need short lead times, we manufacture custom boxes and packaging locally in Dallas, TX and distribute nationally. Many of our customers’ utilize both our in-house manufacturing for immediate delivery while setting up a real-time inventory management system. Get the best of both manufacturing and distribution under one roof. Design services, customer service and distribution are available at our Dallas location.

Please email us if you need immediate delivery.

Under One Roof

Amerisource Container was established in 1995. We offer many services: jumbo/bulk boxeshazmat packagingcustom wood cratesfoam packaging/insertsfull color boxesdie-cut boxespop/retail displaysrecycled packagingfulfillment/kitting, and online ordering systems, and we service many different industries all under one roof.

We offer affordable custom packaging solutions that protect and brand products in Retail, Industrial, Automotive, Aerospace, and Mining Industries. Our in-house graphic design capabilities allow us to make your conceptual ideas “come to life.”